12 Reasons Why Children's Ministry Is Superior to Other Ministries

by Roger Fields at www.kidzblitz.com

Can we have a little fun while pointing out the uniqueness of children's ministry? Here are some reasons why we in children's ministry are more advanced than our brothers and sisters working in lesser ministries. Now I did say we were going to have some fun with this so lighten up a little, especially if you're one of those working in adult ministries.

There must be some reasons somewhere why Jesus continually aggravated the disciples and Pharisees with His children's ministry. Here's a list of possibilities.

1. Longer Results-Children who have just made a commitment to the Lord have their entire lives before them. Adults who accept the Lord have already squandered much of their lives. Children's ministry is the only place where you can impact one's entire life span.

2. Superior Challenge-Children vary widely with respect to age, comprehension, physical challenges, attention spans, etc. and therefore require more ability to educate. Adults do not bother their neighbor or snatch offering money from those sitting adjacent. They are much easier to restrain and therefore less of a challenge in a group setting. It takes more ability and creativity to teach children.

3. More Fun-You just can't get away with doing in adult services what you can do in children's church. Adults tend to think predictability and monotony are fruits of the Spirit. This must be the reason none of the hymns have motions.

4. Less Pretentiousness-The difference between adults and children is that adults have learned to sit quietly after you lose their attention. Children are not as phony. If you are a lousy teacher they tend to let you know. They are considerably more authentic.

5. More Humility-Jesus made this point in Matthew 18. Children have a better grasp of their limitations than do adults. There are reasons why Jesus never asked the children to be more like the adults to enter the kingdom of God. He said it the other way around. Children seldom possess an inflated view of their own ability. They understand that when they come to Jesus it is with nothing in their hands to offer Him.

6. Fewer Offenses-Children may get upset if they feel they are mistreated but they don't harbor resentments over some of the silly issues that adults get worked up over. When was the last time you ever heard of a child leaving the children's ministry because the children's pastor didn't shake his/her hand at the door?

7. More Participation-Children want do be involved. They don't want to sit and watch. Adults are too content to merely observe. Many churches find themselves having to beat adults over the head to get them to serve. Children desire to participate and serve.

8. Greater Warning-Jesus never warned that offending an adult would result in consequences worse than having a millstone tied around your neck and being heaved into the sea. He did say that in Matthew 18 about those who offend children. Evidently, there is something exceptional about children.

9. Larger Team-It takes more people to work in children's ministry than it does to work in other departments in the church. Children's ministry is normally the largest department in the church and, therefore, often requires the greatest leadership skills to oversee.

10. Bigger Sacrifice-Ushers, greeters, choir members, etc. never have to miss the adult service or any of the special events. Children's ministry workers often miss services so others might enjoy them.

11. Better Reward-In Matthew 10 Jesus said those who give even cold water to little ones receive a reward that cannot be lost. He simply did not make that promise to other ministries. For instance, nowhere does Jesus say that ushers have a reward they will by no means lose if they can get the people to scoot over on Easter. But those who can do ANYTHING in children's ministry-such as prepare the refreshments-have a unique promise of reward others cannot claim.

12. Jesus-- Jesus said that when we receive a child in His name we receive Him (Matthew 18:5). Did He ever say that about receiving grown ups? No. So whether you have ten or a thousand children in your children's ministry you supernaturally receive Jesus into your midst that many times over.

Any objective view would conclude that children's ministry far outweighs the minor league ministries that have assumed greater admiration down through the years. We readily concede, however, that other ministries, no matter how inferior, are still important to the Body of Christ. Nothing done in the name of the Lord is without honor and value. While other ministries are helpful, we in children's ministry must humbly acknowledge that other ministries simply fall short of the scope and depth of ministry to children.

With this in mind, those of us engaged in ministry to children will seek to maintain a proper level of humility-no matter how difficult--in the face of lesser ministries. Please be patient with us. And if you have found yourself in one of these inferior ministries, take heart. Be faithful in it and you too might one day be promoted to children's ministry. Meanwhile, be encouraged if you sing in the choir, pass the plates, teach adults, hand out bulletins, park the cars, etc. Somebody has to do it.

Oh, okay, we'll work harder on the humility part.