Resource links

Instead of reproducing lots of links, here are a few of my faviorites.

Kidz Blitz
Lots of cool resources, encouragement, and just plain fun. You have got to go to the "Cold Water Cafe" (if you give a cup of cold water in my name...) Direct link to Cold water Cafe

Assembly of God Children's Ministry Agency
The Official Assembly of God Children's Ministry site. Job links, Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (BGMC) links, resources and more!!!

International Network of Children's Ministers
Lots of great resources, encouragement, links to seminars, and an Idea Bank. Also Job placement area.

Children's Ministry Today

Gary and Alisa Linn have created this awesome website with links to vendors of all types of ministry resources. Check them out!

Train Depot - 800-229-KIDS

These folks have the ORIGINAL Children's Church curriculum, "Little Peoples Pulpit Programer", by Bill Wilson. The company has reciently been purchaced by Ned and Joan Way, and moved to Littlerock KY, but they seem to have the same great stuff. They also make GREAT puppets. about 85% of all my puppets come from this company.

Axtell Expresssions
Incredible rubber puppets. Some are mighty expensive, but well worth it

Pick-Me Products

Portable plastic Theme puppetstages (Barn, school bus, Castle) all extremely light. Fold up and go. Also things like jello brain and heart molds, t-shirt cannons, black light effects, an sound equipment. Have a look.

Resourse List
Here is a list of people who were exhibitors at the 2001 National Children's Ministry Conference. No web links to all, but what I have I give unto thee.