Squire’s Guide

Revised January 17, 2001


We are working in Children’s Church as a labor for God. This is done by making sure that the service goes as smoothly as possible. If the speaker is given the opportunity to preach uninterrupted, the children are able to better concentrate on the message. This means greater impact on their lives, and greater opportunity for the children to understand the message, so that some will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and others submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


The primary job of a worker is to keep focused on the children. Though this is the main mission, workers must also be aware of what is being presented on stage. A worker may be called upon for a variety of reasons, and should be ready to respond quickly. Be focused, but not myopic.


DO NOT ARGUE WITH A CHILD! When a child is not behaving in an acceptable manner, the following procedures are to be followed in order if the previous step does not end the unwanted behavior...

A) Tell the child what behavior is in need of modification, and that they will be moved to the rear of the room if it does not cease.
B) Move the child to the rear of the room, and tell the child that if they do not cease in the behavior, their parents will be called from the service to deal with them. (If the child rides the church bus, they are informed they will be sent home, and will not be allowed to ride the bus for 1-3 weeks, based on the severity of the behavior)
C)  If behavior does not end, we must keep our word. If the child rides the bus, we send them home. (1 driver, 2 ADULT workers, and the child) If the child’s parents are here, one worker goes to get them from the big church, and two workers stand in the hall with the child until the parent arrives. Then the worker who has been involved with the whole situation, is to say (word for word) to the parent---

I do not know if there is a reason for this, (referring to an unknown situation at home) but your child has been _____________. When we asked him/her to stop, he/she would not, nor would he/she respond to other instructions, so we have called you for your help. If you would speak to your child, OR WHATEVER, and when you are done, please send him/her back into Children’s Church. Thank You!

Then all the workers need to leave the parent and child to work out the difficulty. When the child returns, place them back in the seat at the rear of the room. If the child repeats the wrong behavior, repeat step three, with NO variations.                 


Remember, no idle threats. If you tell a child you are going to do something, you had better be able to follow through. Beware of WILD threats.  Just follow the procedure.


Workers should be careful not to single out, nor label any child. Having favorites or deciding a certain child is “bad” or “a problem” will only interfere with the ministry. If a child will not respond to one worker, another worker needs to step in to keep the service running smoothly, as well as show unity among the team. Remember, We have no bad kids, only kids that choose not to behave.


Since there are so many details and responsibilities for each service, it is necessary to assign some jobs to be done consistently by the same people each service, and to assign other jobs at an at need basis. If a worker is assigned a job or duty, it will need to be completed quickly and efficiently. If a secondary duty is placed on a worker and the two jobs conflict, the worker should try to indicate they can not do the second job, or if that would cause too great a distraction to the service, pass one of the duties temporarily to an unassigned worker who has the ability to complete the job. If neither of these is an option, seek help from an usher, deacon, or adult in authority.


Time is important. When a worker is called to come or go, or do a task, move quickly. If a child is called upon, help them get to the assigned position with the least amount of delay. Dead Time, or time spent waiting, is both wasteful and is an opportunity to loose the children’s attention and focus. Speed is a virtue.


Before, during, and after the service, workers need to be at assigned posts. This means standing (not sitting), and spreading evenly about the perimeter of the seating area, with specifically assigned workers in the center aisle(s). Workers need to keep shifting a few feet forward and backward along the sides so they are: a) getting a view of all the children (shifting a foot in either direction lets the worker see a small child sitting behind a larger child), and b) subtly reminding the children that they are there watching.


Children learn by example in worship and prayer. Every worker is expected to participate actively in singing, prayer, and all other parts of the service. By doing so, we spread excitement, as well as show the children that we believe in what we are doing. Note: Actions speak louder than words!


Act to solve problems before the happen. Be aware of potential actions and situations before they start, and work to redirect a situation before it becomes an incident. (IE: A boy staring at a girl’s pony tail swinging back and forth with his hand following its movement. Do not wait for the hair to be pulled. Quietly get the boy’s attention, and let him know he is being observed.)


Do not react to a situation. Try not to panic, get angry, get frustrated... The children need consistency from the workers. Discipline is Discipleship. Loving, firm, understanding, always consistent. Do not let situations get to you, just follow guidelines.


Keep personal problems personal. Any difficulties at home, at work, with relationships, etc. need to be kept from affecting the children. If a worker is in need of help, council, or guidance, or is in need of some personal space, they need to speak to the Children’s Pastor before service, or go to the Senior Pastor. The ministry will survive if a worker needs to take time off to fix personal problems. It would be unfair to the children to burden them with adult problems and situations. Most of the children have enough problems of their own, which the ministers, meaning Children’s Pastor and workers, are to help THEM with, not the other way around.


Personal appearance is important. Every worker, regardless of their duties, needs to look nice and professional, in dress, in attitude, and in language. Every worker represents the ministry, the Pastoral staff, and the Kingdom of God to each parent and child who enters the Children’s Church area. Our true feelings and values are reflected by our approach to the service in these areas. Because of this, all male workers are expected to wear slacks or dress pants (no jeans or shorts allowed, period), button-up dress shirts with ties, or Children’s Church Worker Uniform shirts, which must be tucked in. Female workers are to wear modest, below the knee dresses, or slacks with Children’s Church Worker Uniform shirts tucked in. If clothing is found to be inappropriate, the person will not be allowed to participate in, nor attend, the Children’s Church service that week. If an event or situation calls for specific dress, it will be provided or adequate warning will be given.


The Bible states we must avoid even the appearance of evil. If a worker is involved in anything in his/her public OR PRIVATE life that is not in line with God’s Word, he/she needs to clean up that area, or step down from ministry responsibility until such time as the area is corrected. This relates to ALL aspects of a workers life. At home, at work, at school, on vacation, ......... Scripture plainly states that if by word or deed, a person causes a child to fall away from Christ (or choose not to accept Christ?!?), it would be better to commit suicide by placing a multi-ton mill stone about their neck and having it pull them to the crushing depths of the sea. This is the heavy responsibility of any Christian leader. Live the life, or get out of God’s way. No middle ground.


All Christians need to be accountable to one another. To ignore sin is to condone sin, and therefore to participate through deceit. If a worker knows of another worker’s moral failure, it is their Christian responsibility to Biblically confront the situation. They are to go to the brother/sister in love, and show them how the action\ attitude\ behavior does not line up with the Word of God. If the worker continues in the behavior, their actions need to be brought to the attention of the Children’s Pastor, and him ONLY. Remember that gossip is also a sin. It is the pastor’s job to correct errors, but he can only correct those he knows about. To share the knowledge with those who do not need to know is gossip, and therefore sin.


Discipline means being firm, and showing the children that we are in charge, giving supervision, direction, and instruction. If punishment is necessary, it should be according to set guidelines, or by parents of the individual child, or, in specific circumstances, by the leadership of the church. A worker is to keep order, but is to be done with firmness and love. A worker is NEVER to hit, slap, spank, shove, etc. a child, for any reason EVER!!! If a child is related to a worker, while church is in session, that child will be treated as every other child. If anyone violates this policy, they shall be immediately removed from any position of responsibility and contact with the children of this church, and if the situation deems necessary, legal council and charges will be sought.


In America, there is a problem with inappropriate physical contact between children and adults, in reference to physical and sexual abuse. Because of this, all representatives of the Kingdom of God, of our church fellowship, and of the children’s ministry need to be made aware of the importance of proper conduct. First, at no time is a worker to be alone with a child, nor is a child to be on the church premises unsupervised. Workers are always to be in line of sight of other workers. If a child requires assistance in the restroom, parents are to be called, or if that is impractical, only same sex workers may assist, and only with another worker in attendance. (This is the reason why once church starts, no children are allowed to go to get drinks or go to the restroom.)  If a child must go to the bathroom, one worker must check to see that there is no one in the bathroom, then stand outside the door of the restroom while the child goes in and does what is needed.  A second worker is to be standing in "line of sight" of the first worker, as well as a worker in the main Children's Church room.  If there are any questions about this, please contact Pastor Darin.


Workers are not to EVER pick up children, unless they are the children’s parent or grandparent, or in case of emergency. Aunts, uncles, and other relations should only give proper hugs. Children are not to sit on laps, get piggy back rides, wrestle, have tickle fights, etc. with workers. Hugs need to be on the side, not full front, with hands plainly visible on top of shoulders. Children who run up to a worker and wrap themselves around a leg or other body part need to be lovingly shown how ladies and gentlemen should hug. Workers should keep their eyes open for wandering adults who may find themselves in unsupervised areas, and all adults who have contact with the children in the ministry must be cleared through the Children’s and Youth Workers Application, and pastoral approval. These rules and regulations are for the protection of the children, the protection of the worker, and the reputation of the worker, child and the church. In the area of inappropriate contact, an allegation is worse than open sin. Please be careful and aware. Once again, if any worker is found to be having wrongful contact with any child, they shall be removed from ministry and any contact with the children of our church, and if warranted, legal council and charges will be sought with full force.


Child abuse is rampant, even among Christian families. If a worker suspects abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual, or drug related, they should contact the Children’s Pastor immediately. The worker should not get personally involved, but document every clue and suspicion. If neglect is suspected, though harder to detect, it should be reported as well, but only to the Children’s Pastor.


Final Note

Remember, each and every time a worker comes in contact with a child, whether at home, school, church, or even at the mall, that person has the opportunity to encourage or discourage that child in their spiritual walk and their relationship with Jesus Christ. Workers and Pastors, both, must always be positive, and shine forth the joy of the Lord, being cautious of attitudes, tones, and every word which is uttered. We must all work as a team, not for our own glory, but for the Honor and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. We must never miss out on an opportunity to reach out to the lost, lift up the fallen, and encourage each other.

Kingdom Kid's  Requirements for the

Workers Commitment Form


(Please Read the following, and if you agree to abide by the following, please sign the Commitment Form at the end of this section.)


I, because I feel called to be of service in the Children's Church by God, commit to the following guidelines. This commitment is revisable and renewable every six months. I understand that if I feel I can not abide by these guidelines, I will voluntarily remove myself from ministry until such time that I can conduct myself in a way which exemplifies a solid Christian walk. I further understand that I must have permission from the Children's Pastor before I can become, or resume being, a Children's Church worker.

Also, I understand that if I am a minor (under 18), I must have my parents sign the Parental authorization and Medical Release Form at the end of this booklet. 


As A Worker, I Will:

-be at my assigned position 15 minutes before each service.

-be dedicated and diligent to the task assigned until the dismissal of the service.

-avoid becoming a distraction during the service.

-continually set a positive example to the children on how to participate in praise, worship, games, and -learning.

-put the needs of the children and the agenda of the Children's Church service before my own desires and agenda.

-avoid actions, language, wardrobe, or attitudes which would bring criticism to myself, the Children's Church, First Assembly of God, or to the name of Christ.

-contact the Children's Pastor if I know I will not be able to make it to a meeting or service where I am expected.

-will come ready to work, with a good attitude, ready to help and lift up all the other workers, ready to accomplish any task with a servants heart.

-will wear my worker uniform, be well groomed, clean, and neat.

-will bring a change of clothes each week, just in case they are needed.


As A Worker, I Am Committed To Our Lord-

I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, which I desire to model to the children of my church, to parents, to adults and to the world.

I enjoy a daily study of God's word, and desire to have Christ formed in me through the renewing of my mind.

I have a consistent prayer life, where I share my thoughts and emotions with God, as well as listen to His voice.


As Part Of The Church, I Will:

-worship weekly with our church family outside of Children's church, such as in a youth or adult worship service.

-weekly attend and participate in a Sunday School class or weekly Bible study group within the church.

-faithfully support the church through my tithe and offerings.

-support the doctrinal statements of the Assemblies of God and First Assembly of God.

-fully support and am in submission to the leadership and staff of First Assembly of God.


As An Accountable Part of The Children's Ministry Team, I Will:

-faithfully commit to avoiding sin in my life as well as avoiding situations which could bring criticism to myself and / or the ministry. This includes friends, hobbies, hangouts, movies, wardrobe, or music.

-help encourage my fellow workers to live a strong Christian witness. If I see or am aware of any activity or attitudes in a fellow worker, I will follow the course of action laid out in Matthew 18:15 -17. With this I understand that it is m responsibility to keep from discussing situations with others so as to avoid gossip. Also, l know and understand that I am guilty of condoning sin, and herefore guilty by association, if I do not address a workers sin in this biblical manner, and will be held accountable as such.

-follow all points and directives of the  "Squire's Guide".


If you agree to all of the above, please fill out and sign the commitment form on the next page.

























Worker Commitment Form


I, after reading the requirements and expectations of being a Children's Church worker, I feel I am qualified, able, willing, and called to fulfill such a position.  I understand that this is a six month commitment, and will dedicate myself to this ministry accordingly.



Signed:___________________Date: ______________



If under 18, Parnet’s Signature to show they have read and understood what you are committing too.


___________________________________  Date:  ______________________



















Waiver of Liability and Medical Release

For Minors in Ministry



I, the parent of _________________________, understanding that, as a worker in the Children's Church, that the execution of the duties necessary for the effectiveness of the Children's Ministry, my child may need to be transported by an approved adult Children's Church worker for visitation, errands, or on the church bus for events.  I then, do hereby authorize Pastor Darin Roberts and the adult staff of First Assembly of God Church and approved adult Children's Church workers to provide said transportation, and do further authorize any administration or authorization of medical care or treatment for my child in case of an emergency.  This authorization is effective until February 1, 2002.


Child's Name: ________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________________________________

Social Security Number: _______________________________________


(Please initial to show that you are giving consent for your minor child to be involved for the following Children’s Ministry Events and Ministry)


_______   Saturday Visitation for Bus Ministry /Fellowship Trips 


_______   Sunday Bus Ministry 


_______   Sunday Lunches & Fellowship Trips


_______   Kingdom Kids Sleep Over


_______   Kid’s/Parent’s Night out & Adventure Island


Parent’s signature for authorization for transport and Emergency Medical Care effective until February 1, 2002.


_______________________________________ Date: ________________