Young Teen Children’s Church

Worker Program Guide



Objective                                                                                                                               .


To utilize the spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, energy, zeal, and time that young teens have, as well as their own desire to be recognized and utilized, to assist and improve the Children’s Church Service, as well as assist in reaching our community thru bus ministry, clown team, and other outreaches. 



Vision                                                                                                                              .


The Bible states in Proverbs 22:6, that we are to train up a child in the way they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it.  For too many generations we have taught children to sit and be quiet, staying out of the way of the important affairs of the adults.  Now that those children have become the adults, many, if not most, have still not departed from their training, still sitting in the pews being quiet.  They are also greatly un-effective for the Kingdom of God.  We wish to teach and train, disciple and mentor, young teens, as young as age twelve, to be leaders, teachers, evangelists, helps ministers, and elders.  We see boys and girls hungering to do the work of the Gospel, and feel it is imperative that we create the opportunity for them to do so. 




Other Reasons                                                                                                                       .


1.      Time – It is much easier for a teen to find time in their schedule than for the ministry to work around all the events scheduled in an adults life.

2.      Positive Peer Pressure – Children in Children’s Church want to be like the teens, and will strive to earn the position.  Also, since strict requirements are set as qualifications to be a worker, teens will work hard to live right, as well as keep their friends on the right track.

3.      Discipleship – One Pastor cannot effectively disciple 100+ children.  Even Jesus only mentored twelve.  If a young teen at twelve years old can be trained to love the work of God, to have a servants heart, and to see the children not a hoard of snot-nosed carpet creepers, but as the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God, think what kind of Pastor, Board Member, lay leader, Sunday School teacher, youth sponsor, etc. they could become when they are older.

4.      Effective In Ministry – When young teens know you have given them true responsibility, and trust them with that responsibility, they take ownership of their own ministry.  Instead of talking them into serving, and coaxing them to continue and improve, young teens strive to do their best, trying to make you proud of them, as well as knowing they are able to do something truly important for God, now, not just when they are older.  Having the mentality that it is their ministry, they tend to be much more effective as role models, leaders, and workers.

5.      Work Ethic- Children who are taught that they can enjoy doing their best, that it is good to work hard, and that “good enough” never is when it comes to doing what God asks, all tend to become much better working adults than those who are trained from birth that they must wait until they are older before they can accomplish anything.

6.      Listen for the Call – Most ministers and missionaries receive their call to minister before age sixteen.  If a child knows that they can be active in ministry now, testimony after testimony shows that those active listened to hear God call them to do even more.



Requirements                                                                                                                        .


1.      Must be a Christian, with evidence of spiritual growth and of  a strong Christian lifestyle (daily prayer, devotion, Bible reading.).

2.      Must be Twelve (12) years of age. 

3.      Must have regular Children’s Church attendance, three out of four Sundays, for at least six months.  Exceptions to this rule are at the descression of the Children’s Pastor, for things such as medical conditions, and split household situations.

4.      Must be regular in attendance to Sunday evening services, and youth services (Royal Rangers and Missionettes also qualify).

5.      Must have read the “Kingdom Kids Squires Guide”.

6.      Must have read “requirements for Commitment Form” at end of “Squire’s Guide” and signed commitment form.

7.      Turned in a “Medical Release for Minor in Ministry” form.

8.      Have Senior Pastor, and or Youth Pastor approval.