Kingdom Kids Children's Church

Vision Statement

Our Purpose is to bring boys and girls to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to minister to the entire family, and equip others to minister, both within the church walls and without.


  To reach the children of today where they are, and bring them to the life changing news of the Gospel, utilizing puppet ministry, Gospel Magic, drama, pyrotechnics, animation, and many other contemporary media tools.  To disciple them so they can live the victorious life, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living epistles of Jesus Christ, and mentoring the called to go unto all the world and preach, reach and teach others to carry on the work until the blessed return of our Lord. 

Current and up-to-date materials and methods utilized to reach a modern generation.

Healthy balance of discipleship and evangelism in every service to help each and every child grow in Jesus Christ.

Inclusive in format, encouraging full participation by all.

Love of God as the most necessary and effective part of ministry.

Discipleship and training of others in children's ministry as a service to God.

Reaching out to those who others might overlook, especially the children, reguardless of economic statis, color, or culture..

Educating pastors, missionaries, and lay people in the need for an effective children's ministry, with practical explanations and applications.

New ideas, concept, methods, and technology will always be welcomed and prayerfully utilized.