Click herefor my recomended security procedures.

The following guidelines were created when a convicted pedophile was released from prison, and wished to attend our church.
We hope these will work as a framework for any church who has the same type of situation.
Side note:  Do you know if you have any pedophiles in your church???

These Policies have been in effect since XXXXX release from prison in XXXXXXXX, 20XX. They where created and agreed to in a meeting with Rev. Mac Preble, Senior Pastor, XXXXXXX, and the parole officer assigned to XXXX's Case, Michael Liberton (352-521-1214).

The following steps are to be followed by XXX XXXXX. Any violation will result in being prohibited from attendance at First Assembly of God

  1. Upon entering church property, XXX will check in with Ivan Body (Church Building coordinator), Rev. Frank Florez (Senior's Ministries Pastor), or Rev. Darin Roberts (Children's Pastor and Head of Security).
  2. XXX is to sit in the sanctuary in the center section, second row from the front, unless a family is already sitting there with children, at which time he will move to a similar seat where children are not present.

  3. XXX is to take an escort to go to the restroom, and is only allowed access to the restroom at the front of the church. If there are any children in the restroom, the escort is to advise XXX, and both will have to wait outside the restroom until children leave the restroom area.

  4. XXX is not allowed to be active in any ministry. He is allowed to attend any adult Sunday School class where a) no children are in attendance in that class. b) one of the assigned escorts in also in attendance.

  5. XXX is to avoid any areas where children or teens are gathered, whether inside or outside of the church buildings.

  6. XXX is not allowed in the halls or a classroom area designated as children's areas, nor is allowed in the church nursery area.

  7. It is understood that the Church is to be a place of forgiveness and redemption, and that fellowship with other believers is vital to spiritual growth. As such, XXX is allowed to attend special events and functions, such as church dinners and special services, but is to be seated away from any children and in the presence of his assigned escort.

  8. XXX will meet on a monthly basis with Rev. Mac Preble, Senior Pastor, with Pastor having the right to adjust this schedule, as he deems necessary.

    These procedures are not to be considered or utilized as continued punishment, nor to imply that XXX will offend again if given opportunity. Instead, these steps are to be taken seriously to prevent any accusation of re-offence, as well as to protect the children God has ordained us to train, educate, disciple, and safeguard. Since it is public knowledge within the church membership that XXX us under such guidelines, it is understood that any and all members seeing a violation of these guidelines is to report it to Rev. Mac Preble, Senior Pastor, and/or Rev. Darin Roberts, immediately