I originally used a box with a door bell and a buzzer, but more often than not, I was not sure who hit their button first, so I enlisted an electronics man in our church in Albuquerque to build me a relay driven brain for my 2 player buzz box. This unit lasted almost nine years, until humidity and transportation damage did their work. One day, right in the middle of a service, it died. Just a side note: WHEN SMOKE COMES OUT OF A CHILDREN'S CHURCH PROP, IT COULD BE A PROBLEM!
I then went to the local ITT Tech school and went to their lab department instructor. I described what I wanted, and asked if any of the students could build me a new control module. He offered it as a lab project to his students, and they argued over who got to build it.
When it was finished, what was to be a basic two player control, which activates a large LED light for each channel, became a four player controler, each channel activating an A/C plug (light panels are lighted by strings of christmas lights), AND a distinct sound tone for each light.
In the last few years, I got with a man from the local community college who taught me to do the IC chips myself, and showed me how to make an IC board, so I have made a couple of new designs. Mine does not have multiple sounds but is more stable and easy to use in many different types of set ups.
Above is the standard "Game Show" set up.

Here is a 2 player set up using lighthouses for the lights in a seafront theme.

Here is one where we used the IC board behind a wall, and used lights as part of the staging itself for the game.

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