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Updated August 18, 2016

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Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings have you ordained praise because of your enemies, that you might still the enemy and the avenger.  Psalm 8:2-niv



Welcome to the official website of Darin Roberts. Please feel free to use anything here to augment your Children's ministry.

Praise the Lord!!! I am so excited to have finished my first year as the children's Pastor here at First Protestant Church in New Braunfels, Texas!!!! Amazing people, great community with an awesoem heratage of over 170 years, and staff with a major passion to do outreach! I am so very excited!!!
Stay tuned for lots of new pictures!!!

Click HERE for my August 16 Newsletter article about how Church attendance teaches things you might not want!!!

Here is a video of some of the crazy Sunday Morning promotions I did in Tarpon Springs

Here are pictures of ministry I have done in the last decade:
Busses, 200 Foot Ice Cream Sundae Sunday, and Baptism

When I started "Big Top Kids Church" in '11 in Tarpon Sprigs, FL

Here is the Children's Church room we turned into a Big Top!

Backdrops and Stage Designs

Thanks are due to the owners of www.refusedcarinsurance.com for their help in keeping this site online. If you are uk based they can help you if you have been refused car insurance for any reason!

Do you need an idea for a Children's Church backdrop??? Here is the castle theme we did at our church in Alabama. It was AWESOME!
Just PVC pipe, fabric, paint, and a little creativity, and you can inspire and excite the kids about your room.

When I first started building wall to wall sets, HERE is a picture of my first try. It was followed by THIS when we build our family life building.

Here is the board walk / pier theme we did at the church in Melbourne, Florida.

Do you remember the game show "Press Your Luck" or "Whammy"???
is a game board I built in Alabama. It was such a hit, I decided to produce them.
It is all IC chips and LEDs, with 32 boxes, each lighting up in a random pattern three times per second, so no one can figure out how to cheat...

How about a 4 player Game Show Console like Jeopardy?
Here is one for you. I have the schematic available, as well as list of components!

Puppet Music

I have a vast collection of Puppet Music. I do not believe in pirating music. So please, do not just copy all these files. They are for you to find what you need. Then you can contact retailers to purchase your own copy. Remember, God can not bless theft...

Just for fun, read 12 Reasons Children's Ministry is Greater Than All Others, by Roger Fields

Improving your Serve is a book that I highly recommend for anyone in ministry. I read this book about once every two years, if not more. If you are a staff pastor, it is a MUST READ!!

I hope that the resources here are a help to you. Be Blessed.


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Cell Phone: 727-809-0926


172 West Coll Street
New Braunfels, Texas, 79130